Privacy Policy

  • Kaito Consulting Services Ltd.
    Kaito Consulting Services Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") views the protection of personal information as one of our top priorities in our corporate activity, respecting the privacy of clients, and is committed to managing personal information in an appropriate manner. The Company implements policies regarding the protection of personal information hereinafter set forth to ensure the protection of such personal information.
  • Collection, use & provision of personal information
    When obtaining and using personal information, the Company will state the intended use of the personal information, handle such information appropriately to the extent deemed necessary to achieve such intended use, and take measures to ensure that such information is not used for any other purposes. Any use or provision to a third party of personal information will be within the scope of the consent of the individual concerned
  • Management & security measurement of personal information
    The Company ensures the security and accuracy of management practices of personal information by taking appropriate measures to protect against unauthorized access to as well as risks such as loss, damage and leakage of personal information. In case problems arise, the Company will take action to minimize the damage and promptly correct such problems.
  • Continuous improvement
    The Company will continuously improve the management system of personal information by reviewing such system periodically in accordance with social situations and developments
  • Dealing with complaints & consultation relating to personal information
    Regarding complaints and consultation relating to protection of personal information, the Company will promptly respond to the factual investigation and attend to the individual concerned in an appropriate manner as stated below. Upon request such as for disclosure, correction, deletion and suspension of use made by the individual concerned, the Company will respond to such request without delay.
  • Contact info for inquiries
    As for the request for disclosure of personal information in the Company’s possession, any questions or inquiries regarding handling of personal information should please be sent to:
  • Revision of privacy policy
    The Company may revise all or part of this policy. In case of significant changes, the Company will notify of such changes on the Company’s website.

Effective Date November 1, 2019 Kaito Consulting Services Ltd. President & CEO Nir Malkit

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